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Chinese Translation Services

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Our efficient service ensures that your translation project is completed in the fastest possible time.


We will ensure your documents are accurately translated and certified to a legal standard


Our fully qualified and experienced language experts allow us to offer a 100% moneyback guarantee


Our Chinese Interpreters will come to your place of business or work over the phone at short notice.

Chinese Translation Services

Based in London, we offer a fully comprehensive language service specialising in Chinese translation services and interpretation. All of our linguists have the highest of qualifications; have between 5 and 27 years experience and were chosen through our rigorous selection process. They have all proven that they can complete projects accurately while still meeting deadlines. We provide professional Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation and interpretation services to a wide verity of industry sectors and government bodies including Formula 1 publicists, local councils, solicitors and courts as well as legally certified certificates for individuals.

What We Offer


Marriage, divorce, birth, driving licence, qualifications etc.... we will translate and certify your certificates so that they will be accepted by any legal or government body.


We will take care of any translation that requires a notarised sworn oath, affidavits and declarations.

Android/Apple App

Reach out to millions more potental customers by making your app available to all markets.


We select the translator with the most relevant technical background and expertise so that technical jargon and terminology are translated precisely.

Website Translation

Allow your website to fully meet its potential and reach a truly global audiance who feel it is written and localised for them.


Once translated, we can arrange the typesetting / desktop publishing so that the layout of your brochure / book / manual etc... is ready for print.

Choose the Best Chinese Translation Provider

Nowadays translation services such as Chinese, are offered on the internet by many service providers in the uk and globally.

Most of these companies offer full translation and interpretation services to domestic clients and business to business, to aid with interpretation for various requirements.

While selecting a good Chinese translation service, it is important that you check the qualifications, experience and quality procedure of the translators. Be sure that you seek advice from a qualified and proficient translator.  The business that is contracted needs to have a clear and concise grasp of your source language and Chinese.

If you think about any business, communication is imperative for the business to reach increased sales in the market place. It is common knowledge that failure to complete on the sale of a product could well be the result of a client not understanding and a failure in communication.

Similarly to the local market, international markets have to communicate well in order to convert product sales. But language is by far the main barrier which can hinder most businesses when entering in to the international market. As soon as documents by Chinese translation service providers are complete, they may be then transported in several formats in order to satisfy the needs of a typical user.

As with other foreign nations, China follows its own culture and language. Thus greatly confusing the foreign markets. But the confusion and other complex issues can be solved when you approach a good Chinese translation service provider. But selecting the right linguist can be a difficult task. It is not necessary for business people to know the complexity of the target language. Without having any idea about the language and the characters in it, they cannot find whether the service provider is truly reputable. Even verifying after completion of the document can be difficult.

One can undertake sufficient research to select a good Chinese translation service. Of all major or local translation companies, the simplest way is to search via internet. By way of search engine, social network sites, third party review sites and so on. This sort of search is effective as well as time saving. Offline search means searching in local business directories, listings, classifieds, newspaper, magazines etc. But this sort of search takes time and patience.

Only an experienced Chinese translator can fulfil your corporate requirements.

One can find the best company from friends, or a colleague referral possibly within your industry. Free quotes are offered by most of the companies. As this helps to outline the appropriate word count for translation, language pairs, and timescales, usually by way of sending through an electronic mail web form. You can also send the mail in the English language itself as most translation services support English.

For large documents, check translations will be carried out by the provider and whether in house translators will be available. A client list can be provided by the translator service in some cases, as a way of proving reliability and their quality of service.

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